It’s Time For Baby Proofing Your Apartment

When a couple becomes the parent the first time they never realize how time flies? When they are about to get used to with kid’s feeding and diaper changing schedule, it’s the time he is trying to crawl and within no time, he is all over the place. New parents have no idea that how insecure their apartment is for their toddler. In fact, their toddler makes them realize that it’s time for baby proofing their Birmingham AL apartments.

Most of the times, babies go for those things which parents had never thought about. So, it is better to begin the baby proofing by inspecting the apartment from baby’s point of view and eye level. To attain the eye level of baby, it is suggested that one should examine the apartment while crawling. Look for nails, dust, wires or any small thing that a baby can swallow. Remove all those things and clear the floor. Before making any bigger changes in the apartments ask the landlords of rentals in Birmingham AL because sometimes they might not allow them.

Start by finding the sharp edges in the apartment. Those babies who are trying to stand or walk are not comfortable with the furniture which has sharp edges. If it is affordable, then change those items which have sharp edges. Try to buy those kinds of furniture items which are round or at least have round edges. But if it is not affordable then buy safety guards. They can transform the sharp edges to the soft ones.

Toddlers are often attracted to the socket plugs for some unobvious reasons; they attract them like magnets attract iron. In Birmingham apartments, some of the electric outlets are found close to the floor level, and it is very important to take care of them. If the electric outlets are not in use, then it’s better to seal them but if it is not possible then buy baby-safe outlet covers. They are very common these days and are very handy with different types available as well.

The second thing that attracts a toddler is dirt. So if there are plant pots in the apartment then try to get rid of them completely or shift them somewhere else. Make sure they are out of the reach of the toddler.

Parents think that they can keep the eye on their toddlers all the time, but that’s not true. Toddlers are sharp enough to find the escape to the places which they like, such as a kitchen. So, it is better that with the consent of the landlord of Birmingham apartments for rent you should install baby-proof locks in all cabinets and appliances. Also, remember to keep all the hazardous materials or cleaning equipment away from the reach of the toddler.

Other than the kitchen, toddlers love bathrooms; so it is recommended that you should always lock the bathroom door. To be extra cautious, use seat and cabinet locks in a bathroom too and never leave the tub filled with water.

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